Combat Dry Skin With the Following Tips

Have you ever noticed that your skin gets drier when the weather cools down. Your body isn’t producing as much moisture because you aren’t sweating as much. Plus, cold and dry air just sucks the moisture out of your skin. Thankfully, there are things you can do to keep your skin soft all winter long, including calling us to install a water conditioning system in your home.

Moisturize Damp Skin

Apply moisturizer to your skin after you have bathed while your skin is still damp and warm. This seals in the moisture from the bathing experience. Try different moisturizers to see which one works best with your skin during the winter. You may need an extra-moisturizing formula to keep your skin soft.

Use Overnight Moisturizer

If you are one who takes his or her shower at night, use an overnight moisturizer for added skin conditioning. Even if you don’t take your shower at night, use an overnight moisturizer before bed to ensure your skin is being softened and treated all night long. You’ll wake up to soft, supple skin.

Increase the Humidity

As we mentioned above, moisturizing your skin right after a shower locks in water. You can also increase the moisture in your interior air by using humidifiers in your home. This moistens the dry air and not only helps keep your skin softer but also helps to prevent nasal congestion if you are ill or have allergies.

Avoid Excess Heat

We understand how a scalding hot shower can feel wonderful on an icy winter morning, but the hot water will strip what little moisture you have in your skin. It is important to keep your shower or bath temperature warm, not hot, to avoid over-drying your skin every time that you bathe.

Do Not Exfoliate

Exfoliates and scrubs are parts of many people’s bathing routines. The problem is that they strip your skin and can dry it out in the winter. Save the exfoliates and scrubs for the spring and summer and give your skin a break in the fall and winter when the weather is already going to dry out your skin.

Finally, hard water is drying out your skin no matter the time of year. It dries out your skin in the summer and the winter. Call us to install a water softening system to provide soft water out of the faucets and showerheads. You’ll be surprised how much softer your skin will be.

Photo by reklamar from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro