Constant Pressure VFDs & Tank Replacement

constant pressure VFDs tank replacementAt King Water Wells, the health and safety of our clients is our top concern. Whether you are a homeowner, a farmer, or a business owner, a healthy water supply is vital to your daily life. It doesn’t matter if you require testing, repair or a tank replacement to get your water back up to standards, our team is here to ensure that your well is providing you with just that.

We work with residential, agricultural, and commercial wells everyday and we love what we do. Our goal is to make sure every single customer is 100% satisfied. That’s why we offer free water testing and on-site new well estimates.

Water Testing

To maintain the quality of your water it is important to test it regularly, but there are signs to let you know when immediate testing is needed. King Water Wells can test for any element based on your individual issue and situation. Be sure to call if you are experiencing any of these issues. Our team of experts will test your water and work with you to plan the best course of action.

  • A change in the appearance, taste, or smell of your water
  • A recent septic issue or malfunction
  • Recent flooding or a new contamination source
  • A history of bacterial contamination
  • Gastrointestinal issues within the household

Water Treatment

King Water Wells is here to provide you with a water treatment plan customized to your individual well. Contaminated water can lead to a host of health issues. The first step in getting your water supply back up to standards is calling our professionals for water testing.

Once we have determined the source of the contamination we can give you your options for water treatment. Whether your well is used for residential, commercial, or agricultural water you are in good hands with the water well professionals at King Water Wells of Rockford, MI.

Water Conditioning

Well water is considered hard water because it is rich in calcium and magnesium. As these minerals pass through your pipes and fixtures, they leave deposits in your pipes. Hard water can also leave residue on your dishes and negatively interact with soap and cleansers causing them to be less effective.

What are your options? Water conditioning is the most effective way to soften your water and save you a lot of money in plumbing costs and pipe replacement. When you call King Water Wells our professionals come equipped with all the necessary tools and stocked with a full-line of inventory.

We will test your water on-site to determine your water’s individual needs and the best water conditioner for your system.

Whether you think you need a tank replacement, you are having an issue with your well or just the water itself, call King Water Wells for a free on-site new well estimate.


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