Extend the Life of Your Water Well Pump

Your water well is your household’s water source, and it relies on the water well pump to deliver the water into your home. You can extend the life of your water well pump if you take care of it. We here at King Water Wells can help. Here are three ways to extend your pump’s life and ensure you always clean and fresh water coming into your home.

Avoid Short-Cycling

Your well pump relies on a motor to work, and as with any machine part, the more you turn it on and off, the more wear and tear you cause. With water wells, turning the pump on and off constantly is called “short-cycling,” and this can burn out the motor quicker than if you leave the pump on. In the case of a water well pump, short cycling can make it overheat, which will wear down motor parts. Turn your pump on and leave it on to avoid the consequences of short-cycling.

Use a Check Valve

A water well pump that is filled with water is “primed.” A check valve helps keep your pump primed. Depending on the depth of your household water well, you should have a check valve installed every 250 feet. Even if you have a shallow water well, the check valve will still help your water well pump with its functions. Basically, the check valves work as a shut-off valve by preventing water from flowing into the column above your water well pump and draining back into your water well.


Finally, without proper maintenance, your water well pump will die. Think of your well pump the same way you think of your automobile. Preventative maintenance replaces worn parts and finds trouble before it becomes real trouble. Your water well pump is a machine, and, as such, parts wear down over time. Scheduled inspections and maintenance ensure a qualified technician finds issues with the well pump and repairs them before you have to replace the whole pump.

King Water Wells in Rockford, MI, maintains and services water wells for our residential customers. We will not only ensure that your water well pump is operating at full capacity we will also test your water to make certain it is free of bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Call us today to set up an appointment for a water well and well pump inspection and service.


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