Four Benefits of Having a Water Well

Having your own water well is an investment, but it is well worth the cost. There are many benefits of having a water well. For one thing, you control your water supply and can filter it the way you see fit. This is just one advantage of well water. We are going to list four more advantages below.

1. Cost Savings

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a water well is that you get to say goodbye to your water bill. A water well releases you from your reliance on the municipal water supply. You generate your own water and have access to it the same way you would if you were hooked into the municipal water supply. The only difference is you don’t have to worry about paying a water bill for your water. This, alone, pays for the water well installation and maintenance in no time. 

2. Healthier

You will need to treat your well water to make sure it does not become contaminated, but there are plenty of natural ways to treat it so that you needn’t worry about that contamination. Municipal water supplies contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous to you and your family. These chemicals include chlorine and fluoride. You may not realize this, but fluoride is poisonous, which is why it says on your toothpaste tube not to swallow the paste.

3. Green

A water well is also green. If you are worried about your carbon footprint, gathering and utilizing your own water is a great way to go. In addition, the chemicals found in the municipal water supply eventually make their way into the groundwater supply. Your water well water will not contain those harmful chemicals, which means you are not unleashing them into the environment when you water your yard. You can feel better about using the water from your water well.

4. Taste

Finally, because the well water doesn’t contain those harsh chemicals, it will taste better. In addition, well water is naturally softened so that it feels better on your skin. If your well water isn’t soft enough, we can always install a water softener to get the water where you want it to be. If you’ve ever had water from a mountain spring, you know how wonderful it tastes. Your well water can also taste this good. No more yucky chlorine-tasting water.

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Photo by TARIK KIZILKAYA from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro