My House Gets Too Cold in the Winter

Nobody wants a cold house in the winter. The higher you turn up the thermostat the more expensive it becomes to heat the residence. What if you could heat your home using the natural heat in the earth? Guess what? You can, and we can help make it happen by digging for a geothermal heating system. This is just one way to keep your house warmer in the winter. Here are other ways.

Check All Entry Points

Your doors and windows could actually be making the inside of your home colder in the winter. If any of them are leaking, they are letting cold air in and hot air out. Close all the doors and windows and light a candle. Carefully – carefully – hold the candle up to the doors and windows to see if the flame flickers. If it does, that door or window is leaking and letting outside air in.

Grab Some Sealant

Head to the hardware store and pick up some door and window sealant so you can seal the doors and windows that are leaking. If the doors or windows are cracked, you will have to replace them to resolve the problem, although, you may be able to seal them temporarily. Determine from where the doors and windows have separated from the walls and seal them off.

Harness the Sun

Open up your window treatments during the day to allow the sun to shine into your home. This warms up the interior air naturally. You can follow the sun throughout the day and open treatments as the sun moves. Make sure to keep your doors and windows closed to prevent cold air from making its way in. You want the solar rays to warm the home without outside air.

Close the Treatments

Once the sun goes down, close all of your window treatments to lock in the solar heat. If you leave the treatments open, the coldness of the window panes can cool off your interior air. The treatments block the cold panes by providing a protective cover over the inside of your windows. Make sure all of the doors and windows are closed, too. Don’t leave a window open by mistake.

Finally, as we mentioned above, you can save money on your utility bills by using geothermal energy to heat your home. Having a geothermal system installed will save you a tremendous amount of money by paying for itself and removing the need for gas or electric heat. Again, we can dig for your geothermal system so call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by vchal from Getty Images via Canva Pro