Summer Water Fun to Keep the Family Cool and Entertained

Summer is here and you are probably looking for some cool and refreshing fun. It’s time to get the kids away from their screens and outdoors ready to get drenched and refreshed. If you haven’t had your water well inspected recently, call King Water Wells first for a well inspection and water test. We’ll make sure the water outside is safe for you and the kids to play in all summer long.

Water Balloon Fight

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Nothing is better than pairing the family off into teams of two or more and having a water balloon fight. This is laser tag using balloons and water instead. Fill up plenty of balloons with water and then go big or go home. Make sure to only hit people on their bodies, and exclude any small toddlers from this game because the water balloons may hurt them when they hit them.

Homemade Water Slide

You can take a tarp and your hose and make a homemade water slide. Make sure you turn the smooth side of the tarp upward to use for the slide. You don’t want to use the rough side as this can cause scrapes and tarp burn. Lay the tarp on an incline and turn on the water hose and put it down on top of the tarp. Slide down the waterslide as many times as you want.

Running Through the Sprinklers

Another classic is running through the sprinklers, but you can give it a modern twist. Play tag through the sprinklers, or play a classic game like Trivial Pursuit or hangman. Any time somebody gets a question wrong or cannot figure out the word, they have to run through the sprinklers. Let the dogs join in on the family fun so they can get wet and refreshed, as well.

Hose Tag

Take the classic game of tag and add a water twist. Instead of chasing everybody and touching them to tag them, use the water hose to tag them. Go after them with the hose and those who can avoid the water stay safe. If you get somebody wet with the hose, they are tagged and they have to go wait for the next game.

These are just some of the ways you can use water to cool off and have some family fun. As we mentioned above, however, before you begin, have King Water Wells in Rockford, MI, inspect your water well and test the water for contaminants to make sure everything is a-okay.

Photo by pixelfit from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro