Water Well Water Safety Tips

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If your family drinks the water out of the water well, you’ll want to make sure you take every step possible to keep the water inside the well free of contamination. Even if you filter the water, there are still precautions that are necessary for the health of the water. King Water Wells recommends you do the following so you can always ensure you’ve got safe water in your water well. After all, you do not want to consume or bathe in contaminated water.

Maintenance Is Key

Your water well needs to be maintained annually at a minimum to ensure there is nothing wrong with the well or the water inside of it. If your well is quite old, it should be replaced with a new well that is constructed properly and per all applicable codes. An older water well may not be functioning properly or could be leaking and allowing contaminants into the water.

Puddling Is Bad

You do not want rainwater to fill your water well because it picks up the toxins in the environment and hangs onto them. Rather, you want the rainwater to fall away from the well so it does not collect inside the well. You also want to prevent the rainwater from flowing into the well. If your land has a soil erosion or flooding problem, it’s time to have that fixed.

Distances Count

Your water well can also pick up contamination from things that are around it. As such, it is crucial that you keep your water well and septic system at least 50 feet apart. More footage is better. If you have agricultural land and store manure stacks on it, keep the stacks at least 250 feet from the water well. You do not want manure to end up in the well as this can cause E. coli illness.

In addition, any type of manure storage other than the stacks needs to be at a minimum of 100 feet from the water well as do petroleum tanks. Think about the things that are close to your water well, such as a storage shed with pesticides in it, and consider what those things could do to the water inside. Keep anything harmful clear of the well by at least 100 feet.

Finally, it is crucial that you call King Water Wells in Rockford, MI, on a regular basis to have the water in your well tested for contamination. The water should be tested annually or anytime it looks, smells, or tastes funny.

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