What Are the Components of a Private Water Well?

If you are considering having a private water well drilled into your property, it’s a good idea to know the components of the well. This helps you decide what is best for your property. In addition, we can come out to your residence and take a look at the property to determine the best type of well for your needs. Let’s talk about the different components of a private water well below.


After the well is drilled, the well casing is installed. This is a tube that extends the length of the well to ensure that the well remains open. It prevents the earth from caving into the well. The casing also helps to keep the well water clean because, again, it prevents the earth from caving in. In addition, the casing can help prevent contaminated groundwater from making its way into your well.


There will be a cap placed on top of the well casing to keep dirt, debris, animals, and insects out of your water well. This cap also helps prevent small children from falling into the well. Generally speaking, the water well Will be made out of aluminum or plastic material. All water well caps are vented.


Your water well system will also have a screen at the bottom of the well casing to protect the well from sediment. We can help you determine the best well screen for your system. Depending on your needs and the ground in which the well is drilled, you may need a continuous slot screen, a perforated pipe screen, or a slotted pipe screen. Again, we will help you determine the best well screen.

Pitless Adapter

The water well piping that carries the water to the surface needs to be protected from the frost on top of the ground. As such, this piping extends all the way down to the well. The pitless adapter helps by being a connector between the pipe and the frost line. This helps keep your water well water sanitary.

Well Pump

Finally, your water well system needs a pump to draw the water out of the well and push it into your home. There are two types of pumps available. The first is a jet pump that works well in shallow water Wells. The second is a submersible pump that works well in deep water wells. If your water well only has a depth of 25 feet, you can use a jet pump. You will need a submersible pump for a deeper well.

There you have it! Now you know the components of a private water well system. Call us today if you are interested in installing a well on your property.

Photo by Sheskokalov from Getty Images via Canva Pro