When Should I Replace My Well Water Tank?

You rely on your private water well for your household’s water supply, and we here at King Water Wells work tirelessly to ensure your well is safe and efficient. Replacing the water well tank can be intimidating. How much will it cost? How long will I be without water? What about my old tank? We’ll take care of everything for you as cost-effectively as possible because you should get a new tank if you need one. Here’s why.

Water Well Tank 101

Your water well tank system is complex. You have the storage tank itself, an electric pump, a purifier, and other operating parts. These parts work in tandem to meet your household water demand, whether for bathing, cooking, cleaning, or other household uses. The water well tank is also called the pressure tank and it uses compressed air to keep your water pressure steady between your water pump cycles. It also stores water so your water pump doesn’t have to work as hard.

Signs Your Water Well Tank Is Dying

There are several signs that tell you there might be a problem with your water well tank. These include

  • A reduction in household water pressure, especially in the bathrooms on the second floor of your home
  • Water pressure that surges from light to hard, which usually occurs when the water pump turns on and off
  • A water pump that turns off sooner than 30 seconds when it’s trying to pressurize your water tank
  • A water pump that doesn’t turn off at all or cycles consistently
  • Signs of water leaking from the water pressure tank
  • Corrosion that you can see on the tank’s exterior
  • Air in the water coming into your home, usually indicated by air spurts from the faucets
  • Consistent low-pressure readings on your water well tank’s gauge

Even though we mentioned the water pump in many of these signs, the cause of the water pump’s unusual operation is oftentimes the well water tank. You want to act sooner rather than later because the water well pump can burn out and is expensive to replace. If your well water tank is failing, it could be that its bladder has failed, the tank is leaking, or the tank is waterlogged.

At the first signs of trouble, call King Water Wells. We are located in Rockford, MI, and we’d be happy to inspect your well water tank and water pump to make sure everything is a-okay.

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