Would I Benefit From a Water Pressure Regulator?

Yes, you would benefit from a water pressure regulator. King Water Wells advises that everyone would benefit from a water pressure regulator. If you regulate the amount of water that comes into your home or business, you reap the following benefits that are listed below.

Reduces Water Usage

You may be independent of a water municipality but it’s still a good idea to conserve the water you use out of your well, especially if we end up with a dry winter here in Rockford. A water pressure regulator reduces the amount of water that flows into your home or business. This helps conserve the water in your well so that you have water all the time. How a water pressure regulator works is by controlling the PSI or pounds-per-square-inch of water that flows through your plumbing.

Avoids Fixture Damage

If you have a ton of water pressure flowing through your plumbing fixtures, you run the risk of damaging them. You also run the risk of damaging your water-usage appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher. Too much water pressure can reduce the lifespan you will get out of your appliances and fixtures. A water pressure regulator provides a steady flow of water that helps protect these things and gives you more life out of them.

Extends Your Budget

Naturally, the longer your dishwasher and washing machine last the more money you save on repairs and replacement. The same holds true for your plumbing fixtures. The longer they last, the less you need to worry about replacing them. Why spend money unnecessarily when a water pressure regulator will help these things last longer so you don’t need to replace them?

Reduces the Risk of Leaks

Excessive water pressure can also make your plumbing leak much more easily. The more pressure the pipes have to deal with, the easier it is for the water to break through at the connections. Installing a water pressure regulator ensures that the water does not apply too much pressure to the interior of your plumbing system, and this helps you reduce the risk of plumbing leaks that can cause damage to your home or business.

Call King Water Wells in Rockford, MI, if you are interested in discussing how a water pressure regulator will benefit you and your home or business. You can have a water pressure regulator even if you are running off a water well. In fact, the regulator will offer the benefits discussed above.

Photo by Godsend from Getty Images via Canva Pro